DeRoyal Active Wrap Thermal

$40.99 AUD


DeRoyal Active Wrap Thermal Ankle combines thermal compression with hot or cold therapy to address muscle and joint pain.

If you have played sports for any length of time most likely you have needed hot or cold therapy treatment at some point. ActiveWrap provides your preferred method of therapy inside an anatomically shaped compression wrap. The wraps stretch can easily fit around an extremity such as an injury site comfortably and securely.

Each ActiveWrap comes with two gel packs that are reusable. The pack fits easily into a sleeve in the compression wrap. Closures attach to the compression wrap to secure. The gel packs can be removed and easily positioned within the wraps to provide more targeted treatment and improved compression.

ActiveWrap Product Features:

COMFORT The wraps are constructed of comfortable Active Medical Plush material for an ergonomic fit.
RELIEF Gel packs can be moved and uniquely positioned within wraps to provide targeted hot or cold therapy treatment.
COMPRESSION Wraps stretchy material allows you to achieve the optimal amount compression.

Post-Op Swelling, Muscle Soreness and Stiffness, Sprains and Strains, Joint Discomfort, Tendonitis, Arthritis