Chi Ball - 15cm

$32.99 AUD


The Chi Ball is a soft and spongy 15cm inflatable ball that has been infused with an aromatherapy fragrance which corresponds to its colour. The use of colour and aromatherapy has been shown to stimulate and balance both thoughts and emotions, and consequently promote a greater sense of wellbeing.

Orange - For confidence, playfulness and spontaneity, happiness, and joy. ChiAroma: Sweet Orange.
Yellow - For personal power, self-worth, self-knowledge, self-discipline and courage. ChiAroma: Lemongrass.
Green - For abundance, love, friendship, wealth and good health. ChiAroma: Geranium.
Lime Green - For goodness, generosity, perfection, attunement and empathy. Chi Aroma: Mint
Purple - For peace, inspiration, faith, and recognition of your true nature. ChiAroma: Lavender.
Red - For energy, stamina, passion and vitality. ChiAroma: Cinnamon.
Blue - To restore courage, resourcefulness and willpower. ChiAroma: Juniper Berry.
Pink - For a harmonising and balancing effect upon the heart and body. ChiAroma Rose.
Black - For grounding and calming, especially to extremely sensitive individuals. ChiAroma: Aniseed
Silver - For increasing mental clarity and stimulating creativity. ChiAroma: Eucalyptus.

*Anti-burst tested to 250kg