Burnex Burn Gel Dressing Pad

$7.99 AUD

  • Immediate pain relief
  • Minimises tissue damage
  • Prevents secondary infection

The Burnex Burn Gel Dressing consists of a 3mm thick pad of open cell foam impregnated with Burnex gel. When placed on a burn, a 3mm layer of gel is held on the skin.

From the patient's perspective, they are afforded almost immediate pain relief from the cooling gel and the anaesthetic properties of the Melaleuca Oil. The cooling property of the dressing helps to halt the burn progression and minimises further tissue damage. Furthermore being in excess of 90% water, the dressing re-hydrates the burn. Burnex Dressings are sterile and exhibit mild biocidal properties thus helping to prevent secondary infection.

From a management perspective, Burnex Dressings provide an effective and simple way of relieving pain and treating burns. The dressing is placed on the burn and stays in-situ for up to two hours. There is no requirement to keep irrigating the burn, nor is there any run-off. Furthermore the need to administer narcotics for pain relief can be greatly reduced. The dressing doesn't disguise the extent of the burn. When the burn needs to be further examined, the nonadherent dressing simply lifts off and any residual gel rinsed off.

The Burnex Burn Gel Dressing allows for easy transport to medical attention, as the gel stays on the skin far better than chilled-water irrigated dressings. Furthermore as the first response treatment in accident and emergency wards or ERs, the dressing need only be applied once - saving nursing resources and time. The dressing has many other practical benefits - especially where clean cold water is not readily available.