Blazepod - Ultimate Bundle

$1,347.49 AUD

BlazePod Ultimate Bundle includes:

  • 6 x Pods
  • Charging base
  • BlazePod case for 6 Pods
  • Access to the Free version of the BlazePod app
  • 2 x Functional Adapter Kit (4 x Functional adapter / 4 x Suction cup / 4 x Strap)
  • 2 x Cone Adapter Kit  (4 x Functional adapter / 4 x Cone adapter)
*The smart device you use determines the max amount of Pod connections.

  • Up to 40 meter Device-to-Pod range with auto-connection
  • Durable and weather-proof for both indoors and out
  • Smash-proof exterior allows tap outs with your feet, heavy wall balls, boxing gloves and more
  • Powerful RGB LEDs with 8 colour options
  • Durable: Water resistant (IP65), UV protected
  • Simple and intuitive: No power button, no moving parts
  • Portable: small and lightweight
  • Lift the Pods off the ground with one of the unique BlazePod adapters
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with up to 8 hours of operation on a single charge
  • Space saving smart stack and charge
  • Bluetooth low energy (BLE) communication with immediate smartphone pairing 


Separate yourself from the pack of trainers with BlazePod. Our unique Flash Reflex training system ensures exciting and creative workouts that engage clients, offers a real-time tracking system and yields results.
  • Leverage Neuro Athletic activity to quicken your clients' brain processing skills and improve their physical conditioning, making them sharper, faster and more powerful in their day-to-day lives.
  • Standout from the crowd of trainers, reimagine old workouts with an exciting twist and create a more exhilarating and inviting workout environment for both existing and new clients.
  • Generate competition and challenge clients to compete against one another and push one another to new limits with BlazePod’s competitive drills and tests.

Restore physical vitality and key cognitive abilities with BlazePod’s physiotherapy exercises and tests. Encourage patient recovery through exciting and engaging activities that get your clients moving – and healing. Record live data and track progress on the BlazePod app.

  • Enliven patient rehab routine through exciting and challenging physical movement.
  • Test patients’ physical and cognitive abilities, watch their progression and keep them engaged in a truly motivational recovery environment.
  • Track and measure clients’ progress with or without practitioner oversight using custom patient profiles.

Blazepod Smartphone app

The BlazePod App Plans

Features & capabilities BlazePod® Pro BlazePod® Go
Ready-to-use activities Over 200 in all fields Over 30 in all fields
Connect pods* Up to 15 Up to 6
Create activity collection ?? ??
Athlete Performance tests ?? Limited
Create activities ?? Limited
Analytics ?? Limited
Receive shared activities ?? Limited
Customize activities ?? ??
Save & Share activities ?? ??
Manage players ?? ??
Pricing, monthly** $14.99 USD per month Free

* Number of Pods that can be connected depends on your mobile device model.
** All prices are subject to change without prior notice due to exchange rates or additional payments for GST etc., in accordance with the domestic legal or tax requirement and currency.

  • Includes 6 Pods and multiple adapter kits to create the ultimate reflex training toolbox
  • Access to the Free version of the BlazePod app (iOS and Android)