BAHE - BAHE Yoga Wheel

$90.15 AUD

  • 28cm diameter wheel 
  • Eco foam + abs core
  • Release tension and deepen your practice.

The BAHE yoga wheel features 6mm of a cushioned coat made of an eco-conscious bio-based foam which is derived from feedstock and bamboos mixed with recyclable TPE. The hollow core is made of a dense, supportive, toxic-free plastic able to withstand up to 280kg.

Great for both beginners and experienced yogis, it is the perfect tool to help master the poses that challenge you most, deepen and lengthen your poses, or to test the limits of where your yoga practice takes you.

Bahe eco-choice

The BAHE eco choice products are made of an eco-friendly, biobased (products derived from plants and other renewable materials) construction. This includes up to 30% biobased, carbon content foam and a range of renewable biobased feedstock including bamboo, rice husks, straw, wood, and agricultural waste, which are not eligible for food or feed production.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of the eco-friendly biobased feedstock materials used to make this mat, some flecking, indentations and small variations in colour may be present.

Specifically designed to improve your flexibility and assist you with challenging poses, the yoga wheel is an extremely versatile prop that supports the body while trying to nail those tricky stretches safely by supporting your back and core.