Alpha Sport - Portable Ice Bath

$215.59 AUD

Elevate your club’s recovery game with the portable Ice Bath. Engineered to provide your club with the ultimate cold water immersion experience. Get a step ahead of the competition through the immense benefits of the ice cold plunge such as enhanced physical recovery, increased energy, stress reduction, mental wellbeing and longer, deeper sleep.


  • Inner Diameter - 80cm
  • Height - 75cm
  • Capacity - 360L
  • Max User Height - 2.1m/6'7"
  • Weight Ice Bath - 2.3kg
  • Materials
  • External Layer - Strengthened Rip-Stop Polyester Fabric
  • Internal Layer - Thermal Insulated 4mm TPE Layer
  • Inner Lining - UV Resistant Skin-Friendly PVC Lining


The Alpha Sport portable Ice Bath includes;

  • 1x Portable Ice Bath - The body of the Ice Bath
  • 6x Support Legs - Durable legs to support the frame
  • 1x Insulation Lid - Keeps the water cool and clean when not in use
  • 1x Pillow - Makes your Ice Bath experience comfortable
  • 1x Carry Bag - Fits the Ice Bath plus all its accessories
  • 1x Hand Pump - Used to inflate the rings on the Ice Bath & Lid
  • 1x Tap - Switch from holding or draining the water
  • 1x Extendable Drain - Telescopic pipe to assist with draining
  • 1x Repair Patch - Clear patch to instantly repair any rips