$41.99 AUD $74.99

Construction & Materials

-100% A Grade North American Maple from the Great Lakes area
-USA made Core Bond® Epoxy Resin Glue – Industry leading technology, long lasting POP.
-Single Deck Warm Press process – 1 deck per mould ensures the same shape every time, maximum glue traction and thermal curing.
-Eco Friendly Veneer Stain process – all water waste is environmentally treated.
Wood & Plastic waste is recycled into building materials for low-cost housing.
-All KFD products are manufactured under strict Ethical compliance conditions.
-Proud partners with @makelifeskatelife.org | @makelifeskatelife – Growing Skateboarding

Founded in 2001, KFD Skateboard epitomises the chaotic spirit of adventure, the challenges you overcome and unite through and the motley crew you connect with. Seeking, Destroying, Creating, Connecting, Good Times. 

KFD decks are designed, developed, and tested by our global team of pros and mates, and reprobates.