$79.99 AUD $199.00

Construction & Materials

- Size: L: 32” | W: 8.375” | WB: 14.25”

Materials Overview:
Deck: Prime Grade 100% USA Hardrock Maple Deck Construction
Glue: Ultra Bond Glue for better impact absorption and durability
Shape: square nose with round tail
Concave: Medium
Note: This board does not come with CL grip-tape, trucks or wheels (sold separately).
Note: Single Decks come with insert cards and OG California Locos sticker

The ANGEL is a wider deck constructed with our signature squared off nose and round tail, resulting in a unique and stylish deck that rides like a transitional popsicle board.
Featuring Mister Cartoon’s iconic Devil Angel artwork overlayed onto a unique holographic background, this board will change colours as you ride.
Constructed with 100% USA hard rock maple wood and Ultra Bond glue, this deck is built to last, while remaining light making it much easier to pop.